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Pastoral Care including Illness


All students are placed in the care of a personal tutor who is responsible for registering attendance each morning and afternoon. Tutors play a very important part in the students’ personal and social development. Each tutor will get to know his or her own tutor group and provide day to day guidance and support.


Each year group is supported by an Achievement Officer and a Pastoral Year Head. These two members of staff work together to ensure that students achieve the highest possible grades and have the necessary support, when needed, for any personal issues that may arise.


A number of Y10/11/12/13 students are appointed each year as Prefects. They are trained to mediate in disputes between fellow students, seeking to resolve conflicts peacefully to the satisfaction of both parties. Prefects also take responsibility for supporting staff and students in class and representing the school.


We believe strongly in listening to the views of students about the running of the school and that students should have a say in the decisions that affect their daily lives. Each year group has a Student Action Group which meets regularly to discuss issues that affect the students in their year group and to decide how to take action to address them.


All students and staff are divided into one of 4 houses. These are Amber Lions, Emerald Crocs, Ruby Bears and Sapphire Sharks. The house system creates a wonderful sense of community as it means that students work with students from other classes and other years to compete in events and raise money for charity on a regular basis.


If your child needs to take medication during the day or has a particular health need please contact Michael Keenan or Georgie Turner on 020 70919500


Y7 - Aliyha John

0207 091 9513

Y8 - Oshun Lewis

0207 091 9514

Y9 - Hillarie Langham

0207 091 9512

Y10 - Alieu Jalloh

0207 091 9538

Y11 - Michael Keenan

0207 091 9599

Y12 - Ruth Deniran

0207 091 9543

Y13 - Yomi Oladoyinbo

0207 091 9544


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