WCIT Hackathon Trip/Competition Report

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16th Jun 2023

At the WCIT Hackathon competition, LBTS had two (2) teams: White and Yellow teams.

The Yellow team was represented by Mohamed Rodani and Ibrahim Sharief, and they came joint fourth.

However, the White team led by Grace Royle-Uwumagbe won the first prize (£500) - the members of the team were:

 - Grace Royle-Uwumagbe

 - Jessica Wong

 - Rahnel Azevedo

 - Aishah Ahmed

 - Iman Hadi

The moment the White team took to the stage and opened their mouths, everyone and everywhere fell silent :

 - The eloquence of their presentation and confident delivery.

 - Their complete and working (NOT just workable) TECH solutions: wearable, app and website (with API integration)!

 - The depth of their knowledge and application of it.

 - The sheer hardwork and determination they put into the task (which was very evident).

 - And the clear synergy of their team which produced such magnificient teamwork.

Everyone in the hall got blown away by the White team's COMMUNIFY concept - and most people did not realise when they stood up to give the White team the only standing ovation at the end of their presentation.

I was so proud and felt honoured to be their computer science teacher!

Before the results were announced, many people in the hall came to the White team's table to praise and congratulate them for a job well done; including some members of the other teams/opponents - i.e. conceding defeat early as the winner was just too obvious!

The results were later announced:

- WHITE: First (£500)

- BLACK: Second (£300)

- CYAN: Third (£200)

There was a package for every student participant: a set of speakers and powerbank; which got all the students excited.