LCCM Music Creative Project Day Y9 Day

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20th Oct 2023

Thursday 19th October saw a selected group of Y9 students head out to London College of Contemporary Music (LCCM) to explore the world of music in higher education. Students were able to explore their five million pound facilities and meet with university students, popping in to see their lectures and the equipment they use to record their Albums and produce songs that go on to Spotify, YouTube and are found by record labels. LCCM has alumni from artists such as Tom Walker, Tom Guy, Kevin Smithers, Chiara Hunter and many more. The students also saw the set up in the venue (main performing space) where Beyonce’s Dad, Dr Matthew Knowles will be giving an award ceremony tonight to offer a lucky LCCM student a year off their university fees. 

The Y9s were incredible and asked fantastic questions about university life and how they would apply to an institution like LCCM. We look forward to the partnership with LCCM that is blossoming and the workshops they will provide for our students in 2024.