Lilian Baylis Triumphant Over Archbishop Tension’s Again

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31st Mar 2023





On Wednesday 29th March 2023, Lilian Baylis Technology School went head to head with bitter rivals Archbishop Tenison's. 

Both teams were prepared and the stage was set for an absolute spectacle. Spirits were high and both teams knew exactly what this game meant. For some this would be the final time they represent the school in a football match.

ATS started much more confidently and unfortunately for us, they were able to convert an early deflection.  Our boys didn't give up so easily, responded relatively quickly and turned on the style following the shock of conceding early. AYO, WYN, PRINCE, KHALIQUE, JOSHUA combined magnificently up the right handside to score one of the greatest team goals in Lilian Baylis history. AYO finished off the move brilliantly with a composed chip and sent the keeper the wrong way.  On the other wing we had O'SHEA who was effectively terrorising the opposing defenders every chance he could get.  AYUUB & TRYSTAN were out of this world and our anchors in midfield. They did not disappoint, controlled the game and were extremely effective when transitioning between defence and attack. WYN and SUMIR were our flying fullbacks and they both played exceptionally well. They very rarely allowed ATS's dynamic wingers a chance to get down the flanks and when in possession they moved the ball with pace and precision.  SAMI & YOUSEFF played amazingly well as our centre back pairing for the day. It was like watching WILLIAM SALIBA & GABRIEL, it was simply a joy to watch. They distributed the ball efficiently, cleared their lines and worked extremely well alongside one another.  Last but not least, our giant between the sticks ANAS was as vocal as ever and I was unequivocally impressed by his performance. He was very effective in one on one situations, he kept ATS's attackers at bay and was a real leader 

if you've gotten this far now it's time to perfectly articulate the rest of this turbulent game.  After AYO had scored that brilliant equaliser the game between the bitter arch rivals became extremely competitive! On the stroke of half-time ANAS launched his goal kick up to the attackers, AYO then let the ball drop over his shoulder and into his path. He then proceeds to strike the ball from 30 YARDS, the ball rockets off the crossbar and goes in! LILIAN BAYLIS go wild! However, the goal was unfairly scrubbed off due to a bad offside decision. Just before the second half begins, coach NEWSAM makes a substitution and brings on HARUN, who had an amazing cameo performance. Shortly after his arrival LBTS went 2-1 up thanks to some brilliant play by O'SHEA, SAMIR & HARUN. HARUN found himself in the six yard box and it was virtually impossible for him to miss. For a while the score remained the same until we experienced a minor lack in concentration in midfield and were unfortunately dispossessed, which led to an ATS equaliser. 

Not to worry, I for one had full faith in our team's capability to ultimately be victorious by the end of this encounter. As LBTS were preparing to kick off, O'SHEA ran past coach NEWSAM and said "Don't worry coach, I've got you!". At this moment in time it really did become the O'SHEA show. up until this point he was very unlucky in front of goal, he did everything right but failed to convert. However, his sheer determination spurred him in the right direction. He went on to nutmeg the opposing fullback, drove into the box and finessed the ball into the bottom right making it 3-2. At this point ATS's heads began to drop and LBTS effectively made the game theirs. Some magnificent football was on show and we were able to score a 4th to seal game. through our starboy of the day O'SHEA!

Result lbts ats