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Greenhouse Basketball at LBTS

Goldman Sachs Workshop 

This was a great day with all participants and volunteers engaged throughout, we had a training session for everyone to start followed by a theory/discussion session where the young people were matched up with volunteers to discuss dream jobs, interview techniques, learning styles etc.

Students also had a session where our young people lead on four different skills stations,  coaching 10min stations with a group of volunteers/participants and rotating groups until all stations were completed. This really showcased the knowledge and understanding that our young people had of their sport and how to teach. 

As part of the day we also held a mini tournament, with some fun games to conclude. The volunteers almost felt like participants at this point with everyone getting involved, having fun and competing. 

This day was an excellent display of the STEP skills our young people have learned throughout their time with Greenhouse and put into practice. 

Primary School Taster Sessions

Lilian Baylis organised two weeks of taster sessions for Year 4 and Year 5 classes for 9 of our local primary schools. These sessions were partially run by our young participants who displayed their coaching abilities by leading warmups and small games. 

This was a great way to give the primary school children a taste of a Greenhouse Sports programme and learning from/talking with our young participants showed them where they could potentially be in 2/3 years time.

We are also planning to host a Primary school basketball tournament in October for the local Primary schools.

Adidas Running

As part of Greenhouses partnership with Adidas Running, we were very fortunate to have Coach Nick Bester come to our school and deliver running sessions which gave the students a different perspective learning a different sport with a different voice. These sessions were fun filled and informative with great feedback from the participants. 

UoW x Valencia Camp

During the summer holidays we took 40 Greenhouse participants to the University of Worcester in partnership with Valencia Basket for a week's elite basketball camp. We were joined by players from the city of Worcester and players from Valencia, Spain, with just over 100 total participants. 

This was an amazing experience for both players and coaches with a very intense basketball schedule and a plethora of competitions, prizes and tournaments throughout the week. What was also a great experience was interacting and learning from the Spanish players and coaches. There was a language barrier for quite a few of the Spanish players which led to the kids learning Spanish and English from each other, as well as the players teaching the coaches and vice versa.

Due to the intensity of the camp, it led to some great character building from our participants, and we saw a lot of our players mature and develop not just their physical skills but also their thinking, emotional and social skills. This is a testament to what we represent in Greenhouse.

Southend Enrichment

We took over 100 total participants from Greenhouse to Southend Adventure island as a reward for all their hard work during the academic year. This was a fun filled day and it was great to see the young people out to have fun outside of their sport.


We now have 20 students at Key Stage 3 training/competing for National League clubs. We have 10 girls (Year 8: Salma/Serena/Aisha/Alicia, Year 9: Aaliyah/Siham/Nadia/Amirat/Jemimah/Jameelah) and 10 boys (Year 8: Sahid/Kevyn, Year 9: Adam/Isaac/Alejandro/Jude/Cidy/Hamza S/Hamza N/Jaden-lee) training with Greenhouse Pioneers basketball club.  This is the next step as a basketball player where they are training two evenings a week and competing against teams across the country at the highest level on the weekends.

Hoopsfix All Star Classic Enrichment

Greenhouse gave us the opportunity to take 12 participants to the 2022 Hoopsfix all-star classic, which was an action-packed day featuring the top ranked U19 men's and women's players in the country. It started off with a three-point shooting contest, followed by a slam dunk contest and finally the highly anticipated men's and women's all-star games.

This was a great day for our participants, especially with us being a new Greenhouse programme. It was their first time ever attending a basketball event like this and watching elite level basketball being played. One of our participants was called out from the crowd onto the court where he won a layup competition and got a signed jersey as a prize!

Lilian Baylis First Holiday Camp

February half term we hosted our first ever Greenhouse basketball camp this year open to year 7-10. Year 7/8's were here Monday - Thursday 08:45 - 12:00, followed by the year 9/10's as well as some players from Harris Knights U16 girls club 12:30 - 15:00.

The camp was very fun and successful giving our students a productive outlet during their half term break, all years showed excellent commitment, passion and teamwork throughout the week.

Oval Cluster Headteachers Meeting

On 26th May Greenhouse hosted an event for the headteachers of the primary schools in the Oval cluster where Taner and Kiri explained to the headteachers a lot about Greenhouse Sports, what a Greenhouse programme looks like the purpose of this meeting was to create a better understanding for the schools who will soon be starting their primary school programmes and also to potentially get other schools on board.

With Lilian Baylis being the ideal feeder school for primary schools in the Oval cluster, two of our participants (Aaliyah Year 9/Zaine Year 10) were interviewed and asked to share their personal experiences of being a part of a Greenhouse programme in front of all the headteachers. They did an excellent job and were great ambassadors for Greenhouse and Greenhouse received very positive feedback.