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E E E Programme


Adopt a Student Programme

This is a mentoring programme designed to give young people a step up into their future careers.


Students are matched to a professional in a field of interest who they will meet regularly on a 1-2-1 basis over the course of the year.


Many students go on to secure job placements and full time careers as a consequence of the programme.

The Elephant Group Partnership

This is a programme for students who have achieved GCSEs which are within the top 25%. The Elephant Group offer KS5 students multiple activities, events and information to improve the aspirations, attainment and opportunities for students. Students are supported with their applications to top tier universities.

Access Project

Students with The Access Project are almost twice as likely as similarly disadvantaged students to attend top universities

53% of our students were placed at top universities in 2022

GCSE students with The Access Project make on average half a grade more progress than their peers, in their tutored subjects. That’s equivalent to four months more progress

The Access Project is committed to working with the teenagers who need them the most. 

Every Wednesday afternoon students take part in a range of activities to help them prepare for a future of success. There is a focus on developing soft-skills necessary for life after lbts6 including the world of work. Students take part in workplace workshops, UCAS and Apprenticeship workshops and some sessions include study skills.