LBTS hosted Always Event

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17th Nov 2023

We had an absolutely brilliant morning hosting Always at our school. Their new initiative entitled, ‘Period Prep School’ is a wonderful initiative which seeks to speak to the girls who will one day run the world directly. While periods are stigmatised, often associated with embarrassment and shame, our visitors taught our girls the science of their cycles. Through the information delivered by Doctor Aziza Sesay, students were able to dispel myths and counter misinformation. Also in attendance was Always’ celebrity ambassador, singer and actress Molly Rainford and the girls were thrilled to meet them both. They were engaged throughout asking pertinent questions and listening intently to everything our visitors had to say. We are so proud of our girls and proud to be a school that champions the rights of all students ensuring that they are educated, empowered and excelling in all areas of their lives.