Ruth Deniran - Forever in our Hearts

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11th Dec 2023

LBTS received some terrible news on Friday regarding a member of staff who passed away, Ruth Deniran. Ruth worked at LBTS for 16 years and has been the Pastoral Head of Year 12 for the last 11 years.

Ruth had recently been ill and had spent some time in hospital, as well as at home being cared for by her family. She died on Friday morning in hospital care, with her family surrounding her. Doctors have said she would not have been in any pain when she passed.

Ruth had a huge impact upon our school. In particular, she was responsible for the setting up of our school 6th form (LBTS6). Ruth also created and coordinated the Adopt a Student Mentoring Programme, which is still going strong in the 6th form today.

Ruth always thought of her students as her children. For many of our students over the years, she has been a mother figure to them too. Hundreds of ex-students and their families have remained in contact with Ruth over the years, which is testament to her long lasting impact and the difference she has made to people’s lives.

In the coming weeks we will be organising bereavement counselling for any students and staff who would like this support. We will also have spaces for students and staff to talk and process what has happened. 

Today some of our students have created a memory wall and we were also honoured to be visited by Ruth's family. In time we will create a permanent commemoration to her memory.

Ruth hasn’t just left our earth better than she found it, she’s strengthened us all (students and staff) to be better people who can leave a better imprint. Ruth’s legacy is in us all, and in that she will live on forever.


Karen Chamberlain (She/Her)