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Adopt a Student

The Adopt a Student scheme is unique to LBTS6. It involves a company or individual commitment to one student only, but to commit on a deeper level than the usual routine of work visits and career talks. Students are matched with a mentor within the industry they aspire to succeed in, providing them with valuable insights, experiences and contacts for a successful future career.

Student applications to become adopted will open in September. There will be a selection and matching process which will ensure students are adopted by those they feel they can learn most from.

What does it actually involve?
  • A person within the company is the student’s main mentor. They agree and arrange times when the student could come and meet with them at least once each term (6 times a year). These meetings will usually take place within the mentor’s place of work.
  • The student would be “adopted” by their mentor for a period of at least two years, enabling them to build a more meaningful relationship.
  • The student is offered a period of work experience or work shadowing in the company, either full days during a holiday period or part time (such as half a day or a day per week) during term time.
  • The student is given a small project by their mentor that gives them a real experience of the type of work carried out in that particular field / industry. Some students will be working on real company projects and initiatives.
  • Some companies / individuals may also wish to invite their student to networking events or to observe key meetings.
  • Some companies / individuals will also invite their student to networking events or to take part in key meetings.