OfSTED recently graded LBTS as ‘outstanding in all aspects’. The report details how LBTS is outstanding for achievement, teaching, behaviour and leadership. In addition the Chief Inspector of OfSTED stated LBTS was ‘exceptional with significant elements that are exemplary’. LBTS is the first secondary school in Lambeth to be graded as outstanding in all aspects since OfSTED started in 1992 and is now part of the elite 10% of secondary schools in England to be graded outstanding in all aspects.

Watch the video of the visit of Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of OfSTED, to LBTS here
Read the letter from the Chief Inspector of OfSTED here
View the OfSTED outstanding certificate here
Watch the BBC report about LBTS here
Read the full report here


GCSE Results

Nervous students arrived early at the school gates on Thursday 21 August to receive their results. As the grades determine what students do next, in most cases joining our high performing 6th form, staff were on hand to help with careers advice and guidance.

Once again LBTS students achieved excellent results at the top level with 4 students, Emdadur, Zahra, Chi-Wen and Diana achieving a stunning 45 GCSE grade A*s and As between them!

Other notable achievements by the Y11 include:

  • 78% A*-C in GCSE English at LBTS. The national figure is 67% A*- C
  • 61% A*-C in GCSE Maths at LBTS. The national figure is 62% A*- C
  • 75% A*-C in GCSE Science at LBTS. The national figure is 63% A*- C

Our A*-C including English and Maths will be confirmed in early September once we know the results of the remarks but we expect it to be above 53% and as in previous years in line with the national average.

Head Teacher, Gary Phillips stated:
“I am very proud of what our students have achieved this year especially in the light of all the changes to the GCSE curriculum. They worked incredibly hard, supported by their teachers and families, and deserve their success. Our outstanding teaching at LBTS has meant that each student has come away with a good set of results, and I am pleased that once again we are stretching our most able students to achieve the highest grades”



Students from LBTS 6th form are to be congratulated for producing a great set of A Level results. Nearly 70% of all A level grades were awarded at grade A*-C and the overall pass rate was 99% and our BTEC pass rate was 100% with most obtaining a distinction. In addition every student who wanted to go university has a confirmed place.

Head Teacher, Gary Phillips, stated:
“I would like to congratulate all our students and their families on these excellent results. I am also delighted that these results show that students from LBTS 6th form can achieve at the highest level and can gain entry into the top universities in the country”


    date posted: 14/10/14

    Our student library assistants recently attended a training day on customer skills, managing difficult situations and designing a library of the future.

  • Cambridge University Visit

    date posted: 13/10/14

    A group of Y9 students recently visited Cambridge University to find out more about studying at a leading university. The visit included a number of talks and seminars by various lecturers and a tour of the university.


    date posted: 10/10/14

    Our Year 7 and 8 recently spent the day reading and responding through art to the book Midwinterblood.

  • Year 11 Taster day

    date posted: 07/10/14

    Year 11 had an introduction to life in LBTS6 with an enjoyable, yet challenging day following a sixth form timetable. Students gained a flavour of what awaits them in LBTS6 with taster lessons in a wide variety of subjects which are on offer in Year 12. Students and parents are warmly invited to find out more abourt LBTS6 at our Open Evening on 22nd October from 5:00pm.


    date posted: 06/10/14

    On 2 October Y6 and their parents visited LBTS. The Y6 students were able to visit each subject and meet Y7s.

  • Motivation Talk

    date posted: 30/09/14

    Ex student Richard Asomugha recently delivered an inspirational talk to Y11. The theme of the talk was 'Step into your greatness' and was aimed at motivating students to realise their academic potential and achieve whatever they wanted through hard work and determination.


    date posted: 23/09/14

    Teen expert Nicola Morgan recently met parents to discuss stress during adolescence and gave parents a number of top tips!


    date posted: 15/09/14

    Author Nicola Morgan will be speaking to parents on Wednesday 17 September from 6pm - 8pm teenagers' development and wellbeing.


    date posted: 10/09/14

    On Friday 5 September our new Y7s attended their first day at LBTS. The students attended an induction session with their tutors and their first lessons.

  • Apprenticeship success at LBTS6

    date posted: 08/09/14

    Congratulations to LBTS6 students Gary Baker and Soneil Gonez, who have both secured prestigious apprenticeships starting in September 2014. Gary , a Year 13 leaver will be working with Peabody, one of the oldest and largest housing providers in London whilst Soneil has been recruited to work as a Software Development Microsoft UK Headquarters in Readings.

  • English Schools T&F Championships

    date posted: 25/07/14

    Feysel Nadew and Jevonni Mcfarlane recently competed in the extremely prestigious English Schools Athletics Championships in Birmingham. Both boys were very successful with Feysel setting a Personal Best (PB) of 1:54.4 in the 800m and finishing 3rd. Jevonni made the semi final of the 100m running with a very quick 11.4s. Jevonni also contributed to the 100m relay team which managed to achieve a bronze medal.

  • New Y12 Induction

    date posted: 23/07/14

    For the past week the new cohort of over 100 Y12 students have been attending taster lessons in the A Level and BTEC subjects they will start in September. Subject teachers explained the higher expectations and new skills every student will need in order to achieve in LBTS6.

  • Art Exhibition

    date posted: 21/07/14

    For the second year running LBTS students had work chosen to be displayed in the Mall Galleries as part of the National Student Art Exhibition. Congratulations to Bethany Cross and Jennifer Okolo.


    date posted: 18/07/14

    LBTS6 students recently visited the Bank of America Careers Fair to find out about graduate careers in banking.

  • Portugal Day

    date posted: 17/07/14

    On 3 July LBTS celebrated Portugal Day with a variety of presentations, songs, dances and foods inspired by the cultures of Portuguese speaking countries. Those who attended enjoyed a Capoeira display, African dances, a presentation on the Brazilian football coach Ronaldo Negrão and some delicious food. Students also learnt about the Carnation revolution through a video which can be seen in the school's website. Click here to watch the video.

  • Wyvil Sports Day

    date posted: 16/07/14

    LBTS was pleased to host the Wyvil Infants Sports Day on Tuesday 15 July.

  • Sixth form students enjoy a day of thinking mathematically

    date posted: 15/07/14

    As part of LBTS6 Cultural Capital week our LBTS6 maths students spent a day working on problems in teams including a relay, puzzles where they were the pieces, an engineering challenge and some tough classic puzzles.
    In the evening the students attended the Mathematical Society’s Popular Lectures where they learnt about illegal numbers, using algorithms to solve difficult problems and took part in a model of an epidemic.

  • Lemonade & Laughing Gas

    date posted: 14/07/14

    Lemonade & Laughing Gas are a unique company who create quirky, hyper-theatrical and immersive events. Over the last few weeks, the artists from the company have been working with LBTS Y8 students to make giant fruit and vegetables for the Lambeth Country Fair.

  • Computer Club for Girls try Google Glass

    date posted: 11/07/14

    As part of their visit to software developers Accenture Y9 girls had the opportunity to try out the newly launched Google Glass. The Google Glass headset has an inbuilt screen and is operated by tapping the side arm and speaking.

  • Cultural Capital Week

    date posted: 10/07/14

    LBTS6 Year 13 students have been taking part in "Cultural Capital Week". As part of this they are visiting various places to further enrich their understanding of their A level and Diploma subjects. The students have visited museums, the Bank of England, the Globe Theatre, the Old Bailey and the Supreme Court. Here is a picture of the Year 13 Law students sitting in the chairs of the Supreme Court Judges!

  • Health Fair

    date posted: 09/07/14

    Our annual Health Fair recently took place promoting healthy life styles and wellbeing to all our students.

  • IT apprenticeship seminars

    date posted: 08/07/14

    On Thursday 3 July, LBTS6 students who study Computer Science and IT attended the Digital Technology Show. The event included various workshops about the use of technology in business, both professionally and creatively. The students found the apprenticeship seminars very useful as it gave them an insight into the benefit of apprenticeships and offered them a chance to network and create links with a number of companies that offer them.

  • Fieldwork Project

    date posted: 07/07/14

    Our Year 8 Geography students recently went to the River Wandle to complete a fieldwork project as part of assessment week.

  • Faraday Challenge 2014

    date posted: 04/07/14

    A group of Y8 students were recently given the opportunity to take part in a competition at London South Bank University. The LBTS team came 2nd overall out of 25 schools and first in the presentation stage.

  • LBTS students at ARVON Creative Writing Ce

    date posted: 03/07/14

    On the evening of the 30 June six of our Y9 students attended a celebration event at Arvon Headquarters to read some of the poetry they had written whilst at the Arvon creative writing residential in March. Members of the audience complimented our students on the sophisticated language of their poetry and discussed what and how it made them feel. For those of you who would like to read their poetry, copies of the anthology are available free of charge from the school library.

  • Y6 Taster Day

    date posted: 02/07/14

    Last week 120 Y6 students attended our Y6 Taster Day. The students gained a taste of the exciting lessons that they will be studying in September. The photo shows the Year 6 students in their 1st LBTS assembly! The new Y7 start at LBTS on Friday 5 September at 8.30.

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award

    date posted: 01/07/14

    Congratulations to the group of LBTS6 students who have just completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award!

  • Phil Earle at LBTS

    date posted: 30/06/14

    Phil Earle, author of 'Heroic' recently spoke to Year 8 and 9 students about his experience as a writer.

  • PROM

    date posted: 27/06/14

    On 26 June our Y11 students attended their Prom. The students were able to enjoy the big marquee and the dinner provided by MJ Ferguson, Focus Education and Chartwells as part of their support for the school whilst Ms Ellis and Ms Yomi baked the graduation cakes and Ms Nash organised everything! A limousine service was provided for those Y11s with outstanding attendance in Y11. Watch the video here.


    date posted: 26/06/14

    On 19 June, LBTS staff who studied at a Russell Group university shared their experience with our More Able students. The Russell Group universities are the leading UK universities and include Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial.


    date posted: 20/06/14

    The work LBTS continues to do to support students with Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance was recently recognised with the renewal of the “Investor in Careers” mark. This highly prestigious award is one of the highest accolades an organisation can receive for excellence in careers education. The assessor was particularly impressed with the range work related activities the school offers students, including work experience and extra curricular activities; the variety of universities visits; and the strong links with the business community.

  • Lawyers in Schools

    date posted: 19/06/14

    A group of our Yr 11 More Able students have just completed the Lawyers in Schools programme. The students worked with a group of lawyers to develop their understanding of the wide range of work that lawyers do.


    date posted: 18/06/14

    The excellent business mentoring programme “Adopt a Student” run by LBTS6 was recently recognised by the Worshipful Company of Educators when Ruth Deniran and LBTS6 students Jasmyn and Najeem were invited to give a presentation about the scheme at Gresham College. The students gave an excellent account of the benefits of the scheme and how having a business mentor has helped them both in their studies and with future career plans.

  • Summer concert Audition

    date posted: 17/06/14

    Auditions for this years Summer Concert will take place on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th June at lunch time in the music room. If you wish to audition please ensure that you have a prepared audition piece to perform.

  • Art and Design Exhibition

    date posted: 12/06/14

    LBTS recently held an Art and Design exhibition. The exhibition showed the amazing work completed by our GCSE Art and Design and GCSE Animation students.

  • Jack Petchey Lambeth Achievement Awards 2014

    date posted: 11/06/14

    Eight students were recently recognised for their outstanding achievement and contribution to the school. The Jack Petchey Leaders Award for adults was awarded to Athina Inneh for her tireless hard work in motivating and encouraging our students to achieve their best. The ceremony was held at the Purcell Rooms at the South Bank Centre with the Mayor of Lambeth handing out the awards.

  • Seetec Visit

    date posted: 09/06/14

    LBTS6 students recently visited SEETEC who are providers of training and employment for young adults. The visit was arranged by The Twist Partnership who have been working to empower our students. In their presentation to SEETEC Executive, Ray Gray, the students outlined the key issues that hinder the progression of young people to full employment and their ideas for overcoming them.

  • Y10 More Able Lawyers in Programme

    date posted: 06/06/14

    A group of our Y10 students students recently took part in the More Able Lawyers Programme. Students met a range of lawyers and were able to gain valuable careers advice.


    date posted: 21/05/14

    David Laws MP, Minister of Education recently met the Y8 Student Action Group (STAG). The students talked to David Laws about a number of issues including the changes to examinations and coursework and the new GCSE grades.


    date posted: 20/05/14

    The library book club recently attended the final of the Phoenix Book Award 2014. Students met their favourite authors and voted for the best book in Lambeth.