Uniform & Equipment

Lilian Baylis is a uniform school and all students are expected to wear their uniform with pride at all times.

LBTS bag

Grey or black skirt or trousers (no mini skirts or shorts)

White shirt with year group tie 

Summer shirt in summer term (optional)

Summer dress in the summer term (optional)

LBTS blazer

LBTS jumper in cold weather 

Plain black shoes. No trainers or 'boots'

Black coat with no logos

  • LBTS poloshirt
  • LBTS tracksuit bottoms or plain black shorts
  • Any trainers
  • LBTS PE bag


Our sixth form students are not expected to wear a uniform. We believe that our young people should be able to feel comfortable yet confident whilst learning. We have adopted a relaxed dress code which allows students to feel both comfortable and confident throughout the day. With this said, there are a few restrictions: 

  • No clothing with inappropriate/offensive language, logos or image. 
  • No clothing which reveals underwear or undergarments.
  • Outdoor clothing shouldn’t be worn indoor.

As young adults, we expect all Sixth Formers to be able to self-regulate when it comes to adhering to our dress code and dressing for school.