A Level Religious Studies

Exam Board


Course Outline

This course is designed for those who like to enquire about life and ask the big questions such as ‘Why are things the way they are’? In this course you will gain insightful knowledge into religion, as well as questioning and being questioned your own point of view.

Content covered in Year 12:

Philosophy of religion and ethics
Study of religion and dialogues


Unit 1: 3hr written examination (50% of A-level)
Unit 2: 3hr written examination (50% of A-level)

Into the future …

The A level course in Religious Studies has been designed to develop enquiring minds. This course is ideal for everyone as it allows you to get to the core of human life and its fundamental existence.
This qualification is useful for a career in politics or law and the skills that you learn such as critical analysis and critical thinking are transferable to all fields of work.
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