A Level Physics

Exam Board


Course Outline

A-Level Physics looks in depth at radioactivity, waves and mechanics before considering a variety of interesting topics like electricity. You will be involved in discussions, practical investigations and exercises to ensure that you are well prepared for your examinations. There is no coursework on this course. However, your performance during practical work will be assessed. 

Content covered in Year 12:

Measurements and their errors
Particles and radiation
Mechanics and energy


Paper 1: 2 hour written examination (34% of A-level).
Paper 2: 2 hour written examination (34% of A-level)
Paper 3: 2 hour written examination (32% of A-level)

Into the future …

Physics has diredt links to several careers and is particularly useful for those wishing to study the following at university

  • Engineering
  • Design Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Radiology

However, since it is the most mathematical of the three sciences, it is highly regarded by most university admissions officers, even when its relevance is not immediately obvious. Many undergraduate business and law courses, for example, will accept A Level Physics as an entry qualification.

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