A Level Further Maths

Exam Board


Course Outline

This A-level qualification builds on the skills, knowledge and understanding set out in the whole GCSE subject content for mathematics and the subject content for AS and A-level mathematics.

Content covered in Year 12:

OT1: Mathematical argument, language and proof
OT2: Mathematical problem solving
OT3: Mathematical modelling


Paper 1: 2 hour written examination  (33.3% of A-level)
Paper 2: 2 hour written examination (33.3% of A-level)
Paper 3: 2 hour written examination (33.3% of A-level)

Into the future …

Studying Further Maths can lead students into some of the most interesting and well-paid careers. Careers in finance, medicine, engineering, and business are all open to people with a background in Mathematics, as are careers in technology — Maths being at the very core of all new technological developments.

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