A Level Computer Science

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Course Outline

This A level course delves into advanced Computer Science topics some of which include Computational Mathematics, Computational Logic, Computational Patterns and Algorithms, Network Architecture, Database design, Artificial Intelligence, Software engineering and Hardware Architecture. Students will gain a deep understanding of the principles that drive modern-day technology and will learn how to deconstruct abstract concepts that will invoke innovation and creativity to solve seemingly insurmountable real world problems. Students will also develop critical knowledge of working in the information technology industry and the impact technology has on businesses and society through our partnerships with leading IT employers and organisations.

Content covered in Year 12:

Problem Solving, Programming, Data Representation and Data Structure
Computer systems and architecture


Unit 1: 2hr 30 mins on-screen exam (40% of A-level)
Unit 2: 2hr 30 mins written exam (40% of A-level)
Unit 3: Coursework (20% of A-level) 

Into the future …

A level Computer Science is reputable globally and is highly suitable for students who wish to go on to study degree courses or employment that demand a high level of rigour. Students who study Computer Science typically go on to study degree courses such as Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Business, Politics or any type of Science.

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