Case Studies

Korrell Bennet

The wide range of courses on offer at LBTS6 form a firm foundation for a variety of pathways. While some students aspire to further their education at a university, we also support others who are equally clear in their preparedness for the world of work and more practical learning. Korrell is the perfect example of this, and is one of our most memorable alumni, not just for his academic commitment, but for how well he embraced the many extra-curricular activities and opportunities that were on offer. His willingness and enthusiasm to network with guest speakers and visitors helped open a number of doors for work experience opportunities, placements and internships, all of which helped strengthen his resolve to enter the working world after his Level 3 studies.

Part of the very first cohort of LBTS6 alumni, it has now been five years since he completed his studies, and it comes as no surprise that he has gone on to make great strides in the business sector. He is currently on Vodafone’s Career Accelerator Programme, his role focusing on effective coaching to young people from BAME backgrounds, encouraging them to pursue STEM related qualifications. Korrell chooses to give back to LBTS6 by participating in the 6th form’s mentoring scheme, Adopt a Student. His experiences, both during school and afterwards have provided him with a world-view many of our students can identify with.

“I learnt through different stages in my life that giving up is not an option. Sometimes, when growing up, it is hard to see the right career path or type of person you want to be in the future. I decided to try different things until I felt comfortable with what I wanted to do. I spent time identifying what my skills-sets were and I found roles that matched my skill-set best. If I could look back at the old me, I would say do not stress, take it easy and enjoy the journey as life will bring you so many positives but also negatives. It is important that when you face those negative obstacles, you use your mind in the correct way to empower yourself to do what is right and keep pursuing your dreams.”


Sakeriye Abdirahman

If you’re in year 11 and wondering whether LBTS6 is the right place for you to continue your studies, let Sak’s story help you decide. Having studied at the school since year 7 and on track to achieve exemplary grades in his GCSEs, the decision to remain in the school or apply to one of the many 6th forms also available was one he weighed up very carefully. His familiarity with the teachers, the teaching style, the academic and pastoral support available and the opportunity to develop personally through additional opportunities tipped the balance firmly in favour or LBTS6, and he has never looked back!

Sak was one of our highest achievers that year, gaining admission into University College, London (UCL), where he completed both a degree and Masters in Engineering.

“There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the solid foundation I was given during my time studying at LBTS and LBTS6. The support, the encouragement, the extra resources, not to talk of the many opportunities for mentoring, work experience and networking with people from industry. As someone who could have very easily accepted the belief that certain spaces, environments and professions aren’t for ‘people like me’, at LBTS, I was encouraged to aim high, and given the tools to make those aspirations a reality.”


August Dalkvist

Mathematics remains one of, if not the most popular A Level choice for 6th formers. The consistent popularity of Maths is understandable, considering how it forms a strong and essential foundation for a number of degree courses, from Engineering to Actuarial Science.

August stands out from our Maths alumni for a number of reasons, his being our joint highest A Level achiever to date being just one of them. His genuine passion for Maths made him a joy to teach and his willingness to support the learning of others made him a source of great encouragement to his peers.

August also holds the dubious honour of sitting the most external exams in one day- when you study four A Levels and take additional entrance exams for one of the most competitive degree programmes in the world, it can be difficult cramming them all in. August took this all in his stride, and his outstanding results were well deserved.

August was the first LBTS6 student to successfully gain admittance into Oxbridge, and is currently in his 3rd year at Trinity College, Cambridge.


Ilhan Yonis

At LBTS, we believe excellence is developed through our LBTS5 Values- Achievement, Aspiration, Resilience, Responsibility and Respect. Excellence is not just in reference to academic attainment, but also in personal development. 6th formers have the opportunity to participate in a number of additional programmes, from supporting literacy as Reading Mentors to lower school students to being role models as Lunchtime Supervisors. Getting involved in the 6th form community isn’t just a great way to develop personal skills, but can be pivotal enough to change the trajectory of key life choices. Ilhan illustrates this perfectly. Choosing A Levels in English, Chemistry and Biology, Ilhan began 6th form very certain that her degree would be in the sciences, but it was when the Advocacy Academy gave an assembly encouraging students to apply, she felt the first stirrings of an interest in social activism. What began as brief foray became a burning passion, and Ilhan’s journalistic work discussing the issues closest to her heart gained more and more traction on a national stage. Her campaigns were broadcast on YouTube, published in The Guardian, and she has been invited to sit on a number of panels for Channel 4 News. As the time drew closer to submit applications for university, Ilhan realised that what had begun as a hobby was now an area of deep interest, and she re-evaluated her next steps. Ilhan is currently in her 3rd year at the University of Kent, studying Social Anthropology.

“Advice can be a double-edged sword- it can be incredibly useful, but you can also have too much of a good thing! I received so much advice from so many sources about my academic pathway, and it wasn’t always helpful in the way I expected. When I think about how different my life would currently be, how different my future prospects would look, if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone, and applied for the Advocacy Academy. At LBTS6, we were always hearing about opportunities, and being told how important it was to try something new. I’m so glad I did!”


Cloe Hargreaves

“Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan.”

This hardly sounds like the beginnings of a fairytale ending, but it is one of the biggest lessons Cloe learnt during her time at LBTS. She began year 12 on a combination BTEC/A Level programme, but by the end of the year realised that she needed to make a change. Doing so would mean completing a significant amount of work in a short space of time, and a very mature and motivated attitude to ensure it was completed to the highest standard. Cloe surpassed all expectations, achieving Double Distinction* in BTEC Business and an A in A Level Sociology. She has just completed a B.Sc. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Liverpool.

“If I had chosen to study anywhere else, the chances are I wouldn’t be where I am today. I was initially devastated by results at the end of year 12, and felt really unsure of what to do next. The advice and support given by the 6th form team helped me see my way clear. It taught me a very important lesson- plan B is sometimes an improvement on Plan A!”