More Able

The More Able programme supports and encourages students who show a particular ability in a certain subject or across most subjects. Provision includes:

  • Year 7 and 8 More Able Learners (MAL) are automatically part of the King’s Scholars programme. This is a unique partnership between LBTS and King’s College, London which helps students apply and succeed at the leading universities known as the Russell Group of which King’s is a leading member. The programme includes visits to King’s, working with King’s students, in school activities and parent workshops. For more information please visit:
  • Year 7&8 MAL receive a broader curriculum which includes additional studies in English, maths and science
  • Year 9, 10 & 11 MAL are mentored by the Lead Teacher for More Able Students (LTMAS) and attend regular More Able workshops with different organisations which include Ladder to Law and City Brokerage.
  • Year 12 & 13 MAL take part in the Kings’ College mentoring scheme which includes careers guidance, workshops and university visits to encourage and enable students to apply to Russell Group universities.
  • Each year Y7-10 MAL take part in a number of other events in school including a termly More Able conference for students and a yearly More Able conference with their parents.
  • Each year Y7-13 MAL take part in a number of other events outside of school including the United Nations Model Conference, lectures at the London School of Economics and the Royal Economic Society, university summer schools and hearing from a range of visiting speakers.
  • Within the curriculum lessons are planned to provide stretch and challenge for our MAL. In addition English, maths and science are set from Y7.
  • We work in partnership with Potential Plus UK, a charity which provides ideas and support for pupils teachers and parents of MAL. For more information visit:

Click here for examples of work created by students on our More Able Programme