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A Values Led School

Lilian Baylis Technology School (LBTS) is a mixed 11-19 school based in Vauxhall. At the heart of all we do are our 5 values. They are:

  • Achievement
  • Aspiration
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Respect

In practice this means that we offer our students a set of experiences at LBTS that embrace our 5 values. This includes taking part in regular House events and working towards our LBTS5 Values Character Award in each year which requires students to complete a challenge related to each value.

The 5 Values in action

We embrace achievement through great teaching which not only covers the National Curriculum and exam requirements but goes beyond this to add breadth and depth to each unit of work completed. In addition each subject runs a range of visits, talks and/or after school activities to enhance the experience for students


We nurture aspiration through our range of careers events which have earnt us the national Career Mark award. In each year group students visit universities, meet employers, meet and hear from a range of professions and/or discover about apprenticeships. Students in our 6th form are also mentored by professionals in an area they wish to study or work in.


We develop resilience through are unique LBTS5 programme in which students attend regular assemblies, tutor time, lessons and off timetable days about aspects of resilience such as mental health. We also support resilience through our excellent Pastoral Team and explicitly teach study skills to develop what we call academic resilience.


We grow responsibility through a wide range of roles that students are trained for. These include prefects, learning mentors (called Guiders), joining the school newspaper called SE11, house captains and school ambassadors.


We believe in respect in all we do. We teach about and take action regarding all aspects of discrimination. We are determined that our students give the respect that they deserve to have from others at all times.