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Financial Support


We offer two types of bursary

1. Vulnerable Bursary - this is a bursary of £1200 for the year and is paid monthly to the following students

  • young people living in care OR who are care leavers
  • young people who are personally in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit
  • young people in receipt of a Disability Living Allowance (or Personal Independence Payments) and Employment Support Allowance

2. Discretionary Bursary - this is a payment of £100 per term (6 terms in Year 12, 5 terms in Year 13). It is paid at the end of each term to the following students

  • students who are eligible for free school meals AND
  • who have achieved at least 95% attendance and punctuality that term


There are a number of paid positions within the lower school that LBTS6 students may apply for.

These include:

  • Break duty
  • Year 8 & 9 mentoring
  • Library assistants
  • Classroom LSAs
  • Running an extra-curricular club for LBTS students

If you are interested in any of these positions, please indicate this on your LBTS6 application form.