BTEC Level 3 Media

    Exam Board


    Entry Requirements

    Students require a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade 6 or above (or equivalent), including English, and Mathematics.

    Course Outline

    Media and communications are among the world’s largest industries and have huge influence not only on influencing personal opinions but also in shaping international and government policy. A key aim of this course is to make students “media literate” so that they are able to critically question and analyse what they see on television, films, radio, newspapers and magazines.

    Students not only explore the range, purpose and impact of the media but also develop their own practical skills in a range of technologies. Amongst other practical tasks, students will create their own TV or radio broadcasts, as well as producing online media materials, such as blogs, viral adverts and web pages.


    Assessment is on going throughout the two years and includes externally assessed exams, assignments, presentations and practical based assessments

    Into the future…

    This course is suitable for students planning to enter a wide range of careers, but is particularly useful for those planning to enter media-related careers in the TV, film or music industries. It may also be useful for those who wish to work in journalism, publishing, advertising and PR.

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