We teach Personal Social and Health Education and Citizenship through our LBTS5 programme.
    What is LBTS5?
    LBTS5 is a programme that aims to enhance academic achievement by developing your social and relationship skills so they will support you throughout your lives. Participating in the programme also enables you to make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community. This is done through developing your understanding and skills around the five core school values.
    How is this programme implemented?
    The programme forms a central part of your day-to-day activities and experiences at LBTS, as well as being part of the school curriculum during LBTS5 lessons and LBTS5 days. There are 5 main strands to the programme:

    1. LBTS5 LESSONS: Each fortnight you will have a LBTS5 lesson where you will have an opportunity to understand and explore topics, which are focused on one of the 5 values. For example, you will look at many different aspects of health education in order to develop your understanding of how to become RESILIENT in your future life.
    2. LBTS5 DAYS: Each half term there is a LBTS5 day where you will come off timetable and participate in activities that help you to further understand the LBTS5 areas that are represented by one of the school values.
    3. TUTOR TIME: During AM registration, you will have daily activities, discussions and debates, which are designed to make you think more deeply about the 5 school values, including how important they are, how they can affect your life and how to develop them further and in order to become the most successful version of yourself that you can be. 
    4. ASSEMBLIES: Assemblies will focus on celebrating students who exhibit the 5 school values, as well as providing opportunities to hear from key speakers at least once a term
    5. HOUSE POINTS: All LBTS House Points are linked to the 5 values. These are awarded in all subjects and in tutor time, in order to recognise when students are demonstrating the values that we expect of them.

    If you do not wish your son / daughter to take part in lessons that relate to sex education you should write to the Headteacher and apply for exemption.

    PSHE programme and policy details

    The school follows the government programme which is at




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