House Sports Competitions

    In October the Lions participated in House Football and Ping Pong. Well done to Year 9 Lions for winning the Football competition for their year group and Year 10 for winning the Ping Pong competition for their year group!





    Literacy Day

    In October 2013 Lions took part in Literacy Day to compete for the Literacy Day Cup. Students worked on various activities based around the topic ‘Democracy’. Lions and Sharks had to do speeches around a topic about improving LBTS and Lions came out on top to win the Literacy Day Cup.




    House Readathon

    In December Lions took part in the House Readathon and raised £184.45 for our House Charity Help for Heroes. Well done Lions!




    Charity Day

    Y7,8,9 students took part in Charity Day in October 2012. Lions raised an outstanding £204.00 for our House Charity Help for Heroes.



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