Case Studies

    Abdi - Cushman & Wakefield

    Abdi recently completed his work placement at Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate company. He worked mainly in the IT department and helped in the development of the Cushman & Wakefield website. He received glowing reports from the company and has decided that this is where he wants to be in his future career.

    Quote: “I knew IT was important. My experience at Cushman & Wakefield showed me just how important it really is”


    Long - Cushman & Wakefield

    Long recently completed a two week placement at Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate company.

    During his time there he worked in the Marketing department and was given a range of tasks and responsibilities, including designing the invites for MAPIC 2011 (one of the largest annual real estate events).

    Long has high future aspirations for himself, wishing to create and run his own brand of hotels. His determination for success leaves us with no doubt that he will achieve it too!

    Quote: “I learnt a great deal from my work experience. I know that determination, creativity and consistency is what I need to be successful in the future business world.”


    Korrell - BTEG London

    Korrell spent two weeks working for BTEG (Black Training and Enterprise group). BTEG are a voice into government for black and minority ethnic organisations, as well as providing organisational support and development.

    During his time at BTEG Korrell created promotional materials for BTEG’s Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, as well as developing a handbook of advice for those wishing to start their own business.

    Quote: “I want to start my own company that empowers vulnerable young people in Britain.”


    Daniel - Childern and Young People's Services

    Daniel worked at the Children & Young People’s Service (CYPS) in Lambeth. They support both children and families with advice, guidance and activities aimed at helping young people’s achievement. Daniel learnt many things during his time there and it helped him to really understand the demands of a busy working environment.

    Daniel is currently studying Engineering and Animation at school and hopes to study software engineering at 6th form.

    Quote: “I am really thankful for the opportunities given to me from my work placement. It has helped me to plan and prepare for my future.”


    Sherice - Lambeth Families Information Service

    Sherice spent two weeks at International House on her work placement, working within the Lambeth Families’ Information Service. International House is the home of many departments within Lambeth Council. During her time there Sherice helped to promote the services of the council through reviewing their website for young people in the borough.

    Sherice will go on to study Health & Social Care at 6th form and wishes to work within this field.

    Quote: “The world of work can be demanding, but the people involved are all very friendly and supportive.”


    Patrick - Ipsos Mori

    Patrick spent his work placement at Ipsos Mori, a global research company. Patrick worked at the IT service desk where he had to change RAM on employee machines, install new software across the network and deliver company blackberries.

    Patrick was the first student who has ever been given a placement at Ipsos Mori and his glowing report back from the company means that they will welcome future students from LBTS6.

    Patrick’s ambition is to study IT and Sports BTECs at 6th form so that he can work on the communications side of the sporting industry.

    Quote: “I have learnt so much here. I now feel confident that I can work in a professional environment for a top company”


    Zhara – House of Lords

    Zhara gained a real insight into the workings of government when she spent two weeks work shadowing Lord Hunt of Kings Heath in the House of Lords. She attended debates into wide ranging topics including; arguments for and against plain cigarette packaging; the NHS mortality rate; and health in India. This invaluable experience will help her decide whether or not to follow a career in politics. She is looking forward to putting the knowledge and skills observed into effect when joining the LBTS6 debating team.

    Quote: "I am certainly going to consider a career in politics after this. The people I meet were down to earth, and really passionate about the work they did, this helped me understand what politics is actually about. studying Law and Sociology at LBTS6 will certainly help."



    Emdadur had a fantastic placement at Comic Relief. He spent some time in the Marketing Department but wants to follow a career in finance, so he spent the majority of his work experience working in the Finance Department. This was a brilliant opportunity to get an insight into how the finance department of a major fund raiser is organised and run. The relaxed, working atmosphere allowed him to mix freely with people from all sorts of business backgrounds, boosting his confidence and enabling him to find out what the world of work was really like.

    Quote: "This placement gave me a real insight into the work involved in the world of finance, it was amazing opportunity to work in an organisation like Comic Relief which raises millions of pounds for the charity each year. It has definitely made me want to study economics and business at LBTS6."

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