Behaviour & Rewards

    We have strong and effective behaviour and rewards policy which is very popular with students and staff. It encourages very high standards of behaviour inside and outside the school. Parents are informed immediately if we have any concerns.

    Student receive house points for good work and behaviour and these can be cashed in for prizes such as cinema tickets and gift vouchers.


     Day to day rewards for all students are in order:

    • Verbal praise and encouragement
    • Caught doing the Right thing (CDTRT) slips/ coupons in KS3
    • House points in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s

    Weekly rewards for students awarded during the Year Assembly are:

    • Work of the week.
    • Grade Challenge Certificate.
    • TG prize for the best behaviour and best attendance each week.

    The termly rewards for students are:

    • Student of the month in each year for excellent behaviour and attendance
    • Petchey Award to 1 student per month for their contribution to the whole school.
    • Termly Academic colours for progress

    The yearly rewards for all students are:

    • Yearly subject prizes at Presentation Eve.
    • Yearly reward trip for those with a mean average of less than 1 behaviour point per week


    Automatic DSS: Late, out of uniform, no HL or lack of equipment


    Amber light:

    • The first time a rule is broken
    • Verbal warning reinforced by writing initials on the board
    • Reminded of rule and the consequences


    Red light:

    • The second time a rule is broken OR:
    • Refusing to work;
    • Using a mobile phone/stereo;
    • Walking out of class;
    • Disturbing another class;and,
    • Play fighting.
    • Sent to Team Leader and placed in Directed Study Support


    To Pastoral:

    • Student sent to Pastoral Office with note
    • Racism, sexism, homophobia, vandalism, bullying, cussing, smoking and truancy
    • DSS, isolation, parental meeting, exclusion and/or restorative justice meet

    To HT/DHT: Aggression, violence, illegal item, rude/abusive or theft

    • Student sent to Head/Deputy with note
    • Immediate isolation. 8 o/c meeting and/or exclusion


    On report

    • A high number of behaviour points in a week
    • Students on report have a 20 minute lunchtime DSS whilst on report
    • Students on report have 20 minute DSS for each fail comment at the end of the day


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